Environmental service

Contaminated waste is a sensitive matter which needs to be taken care of by specialists. Contaminated sites pose a potential danger to people and the environment due to hazardous materials in the soil, water or air. For this reason, companies such as ourselves specializing in waste disposal rely on transparency and professional competence in dealing with contractors and the authorities, especially when working in contaminated areas (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources BGR 128 and Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances TGRS 524). This is the only way to create a basis for a good relationship between all those involved and build up reciprocal trust in handling complex projects in contaminated areas.

For the rehabilitation and removal of the waste from contaminated areas, our experts develop project-specific concepts which cause as little trouble as possible for people and the environment while at the same time ensuring ecological and economic efficiency.

Our mobile breaking, screening, sorting and air separating systems for the fractionation of a wide variety of different mass flows enable us to sort contaminated and uncontaminated materials by type. This is an important aspect, particularly in view of ecological and economic recycling or disposal.

We thoroughly document all disposal channels and the related mass flows. Because we are a specialist waste disposal company, this is not only a matter of course for us, but also a necessary condition for successfully completing a contaminated waste project.

The scope of our work in contaminated areas covers:

  • dismantling and recultivation of mud pits
  • dismantling of filling stations and large-scale tank farms
  • dismantling of petrochemical plants
  • dismantling of oil pipelines
  • dismantling of old industrial facilities (contaminated)
  • rapid help in the event of accidents and environmental damage
  • dismantling of old municipal waste landfills
  • Accidents
  • Damage by fire
  • Salvage/clearing work
  • Oil spills
Emergency number:
+49 (0) 5946 9100-0
Sögel – renaturation of a former municipal waste landfill site

Excavation of approx. 50,000 metric tons of municipal waste Separating the waste using a mobile five-fraction sorting... more