Earth moving

Moving large volumes of earth safely and smoothly is a challenge we take on every day with the highest quality requirements. Whether excavations, new underground garages, kilometer-long pipelines or new industrial sites – with our specialists and the latest technical equipment, nothing can stand in the way of fast, professional work.

Since we are a qualified civil engineering company, we also offer the following services:

  • lowering of groundwater
  • soil treatment by means of mobile sifting units
  • hydraulic soil stabilization with the aid of mobile mixing units

Of course, we will also take care of removing and recycling surplus soil as well as delivering bulk materials (fill sand, topsoil, recycled gravel, natural gravel, etc.), as well as putting them in up to the proper height of the foundation grade by means of the most modern GPS and laser technology.

We trust only in the latest computer and surveying technology to ascertain excavation volumes as well as for GPS-supported excavation work involving complex earth movements.

In the area of earth moving, we use the following equipment:

  • crawler excavator, 19.0 metric tons to 40.0 metric tons
  • crawler excavator, 30.0 metric tons* with GPS and laser technology for line tracking
  • crawler excavator, 24.0 metric tons* long front 16.0 m
  • crawler excavator, 22.0 metric tons* (short tail with rubber crawler)
  • crawler excavator, 8.0 metric tons*
  • mobile excavator, 16.0 metric tons to 18.0 metric tons*
  • mini excavator, 1.5 metric tons – 3.5 metric tons*
  • wheel loader, 0.8 m³ to 3.8 m³*
  • wheel loader with grader (to make a level foundation)
  • bulldozer, 18.0 metric tons*
  • compactor, 8.0 metric tons*
  • mobile star screen system (axle and crawler unit)
  • mobile vibrating screen system (crawler unit)
  • self-propelled dumper*
  • tractor-dumper set

* has protective ventilation for work in contaminated areas

  • Accidents
  • Damage by fire
  • Salvage/clearing work
  • Oil spills
Emergency number:
+49 (0) 5946 9100-0
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