Crane work

In the area of heavy-duty cranes, we guarantee a high level of flexibility and expertise round the clock. No matter what you need moved, no matter where – we will put your load on the hook and move it punctually and safely wherever you wish.

Our modern vehicle fleet enables us to offer you the right equipment for nearly every area of application. We can easily lift loads of up to 220 metric tons, and our experienced team will help you every step of the way, from planning (crane studies, etc.) to the execution of your contract. Thanks to our collaboration with partners, we can even make use of large cranes > 220 metric tons.

Mobile, telescopic, crawler and mobile revolving tower cranes are used whenever there are no suitable stationary cranes on site, or none at all.

Our areas of operation:

  • assembly of concrete components and structural steelwork, for instance, in hall and stadium construction
  • building construction of all kinds
  • removal of roofing with special platforms
  • cleaning biogas and water treatment plants with special grippers
  • bridge building and repair
  • construction of processing installations
  • loading work for heavy haulage
  • construction of petrochemical plants
  • salvaging wrecked truck and other large equipment from accident sites
  • help with review and follow-up inspections of plants and buildings
  • lifting operations on rough terrain

We have a wide range of mobile telescopic, crawler telescopic and revolving tower cranes that can be used in support of your projects:

  • truck loading crane, 15.9 metric tons
  • mobile telescopic crane, 30 metric tons
  • mobile telescopic crane, 40 metric tons (all-terrain)
  • mobile telescopic crane, 50 metric tons (city indoor crane)
  • 2 mobile telescopic cranes, 60 metric tons (all-terrain)
  • crawler telescopic crane, 60 metric tons
  • mobile telescopic crane, 80 metric tons (all-terrain)
  • mobile telescopic crane, 100 metric tons to 120 metric tons
  • mobile telescopic crane, 160 metric tons to 220 metric tons
  • 2 mobile revolving tower cranes, (50 m radius)
  • larger cranes on request
  • Accidents
  • Damage by fire
  • Salvage/clearing work
  • Oil spills
Emergency number:
+49 (0) 5946 9100-0
Setup of a crawler crane for the construction of new wind power plants in Niederlangen

Setup of a 600 metric ton crawler crane Equipment used: 120 metric ton mobile crane Duration of work: 1 week ... more

Oberlangen Wind Farm

Transport of prefabricated concrete shells Equipment used: 220 metric ton mobile crane Gross load (max.): approx.... more