Maschenmode – Demolition of an urban commercial building, a residential building and various garages

  • Demolition of approx. 5,700 m³ of enclosed space
  • Time for completion: 4 weeks
  • Height of building 14.0 m
  • Equipment: EC360 with demolition boom; EC250
  • Demolition in 2 stages (surface demolition and underground demolition after construction of sheet piling)

Special features: urban demolition with neighboring building, corner property at a traffic hub (half of road blocked).

Osnabrück Municipal Works – demolition work in the sludge area of the Eversburg sewage plant

  • Demolition of 4 reinforced concrete tanks
  • Demolition of approx. 3,000 m³ of reinforced concrete
  • Processing the demolition material into recyclable material by means of mobile jaw crusher
  • Time for completion: 3 months
  • Equipment: EC290, EC250, Sandvik QJ341 jaw crusher; Terex Demag AC 120-1, L60 wheel loader

Special features: Gas running through nearby pipe, logistics of transporting materials while the sewage plant was in operation, bottoms of the tanks were reinforced concrete > 2.0 m.

Volksbank in Nordhorn, building demolition, gutting of the administrative center and excavation work on subterranean garage

  • Demolition of 3 buildings, partial demolition of 2 residential buildings and gutting the administrative center
  • Demolition of approx. 6,000 m³ of enclosed space
  • Gutting of approx. 9,500 m³ of enclosed space
  • Moving approx. 12,000 m³ of earth
  • Time for completion: 7 months
  • Equipment: EC250, PC228, PC240, AT-5 mobile rotating tower crane, L70 wheel loader

Special features: subterranean garage excavation to approx. 4.5 m below ground level with neighboring buildings, partial demolition of various buildings while preserving the rest of the building fabric.

Schone & Bruns, demolition of former bathroom fittings company in Minden

  • Demolition of a former bathroom fittings company with showroom and neighboring workshop and storerooms
  • Demolition of approx. 8,000 m³ of enclosed space
  • Time for completion: 2 months
  • Height of building > 10.0 m
  • Equipment: PC360, PC240,

Special features: demolition of existing buildings right next to a multilane main road.