Crane Work

Setup of a crawler crane for the construction of new wind power plants in Niederlangen

  • Setup of a 600 metric ton crawler crane
  • Equipment used: 120 metric ton mobile crane
  • Duration of work: 1 week
  • Gross load (max.): approx. 40 metric tons

Oberlangen Wind Farm

  • Transport of prefabricated concrete shells
  • Equipment used: 220 metric ton mobile crane
  • Gross load (max.): approx. 30 metric tons

Sedimentation tank

  • Shifting sludge from a tank at a lower level to one at a higher level
  • Equipment used: LTR 1060, hydraulic grabs

Special features: crawler crane had to be remote controlled due to local conditions.

Setup of a mobile rotating tower crane in Nordhorn (city center)

  • Setup of a mobile rotating tower crane
  • Equipment used: 220 metric ton mobile crane
  • Gross load: 5.7 metric tons with a 32 m radius, height of hook: 37 m

Special features: set up in the city center (pedestrian zone) in the immediate vicinity of the riverbank (Vechte), bordered by trees (approx. 20 m high).

Emptying tower silos

  • Emptying tower silos
  • Equipment used: LTR 1060
  • Gross load (max.): 12 metric tons

Special features: the load had to be transported on the hook owing to the distance from place of pickup to place of deposit (crawler crane)

Loading wind turbine blades at Eurohafen Haren harbor facility

  • Loading wind turbine blades from truck to barge
  • Length of load: approx. 50 m
  • Equipment used: 80 metric ton + 120 metric ton telescopic crane

Special features: tandem lift owing to load dimensions

Unloading the Jantje in Nordhorn

  • Unloading a restored Dutch cargo sailing ship
  • Gross load: approx. 36 metric tons
  • Equipment used: 220 metric tons mobile crane

Special features: city center (pedestrian zone)