About us

We have been acting in the interest of our customers at home and abroad for fifty years now.

The cornerstone was laid in 1964 by Johann und Berta Küpers in Klausheide, where they started their own rent-a-car business. In the late 1980s, the company moved to Osterwald. Finally in 1979, former Preussag premises were purchased and became the company’s headquarters.

Moving “into the middle of an oil field” was to pay off, since more and more orders started coming from the oil industry. During these years, the services on offer constantly increased – especially the crane business and heavy load transport.

Due to a decline in orders from the petrochemical industry, a car dealership was set up as an added mainstay in 1986, followed by a car repair station and paint shop.

The company was handed over to the second generation in the mid-1990s, when the founders’ children Heike, Helmut and Joachim took over. From then on, demolition and environmental services were expedited and the car dealership discontinued.

Starting in 2002, investments were made in expanding the factory areas in Osterwald and the industrial estate in Georgsdorf, where the group has had a second site since the late 1980s with wood shredding, demolition waste treatment and other facilities.

Since 2007, Joachim Küpers alone has been responsible for the company’s fate as its sole managing partner.

Today we are a modern service provider whose focus is still on quality processes and work safety as
regular certifications continue to document year after year.

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